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What is a digital twin

Digital twin technology is transforming the construction and asset management industries, providing new opportunities for improved efficiency and cost savings. By creating virtual representations of buildings and infrastructures connected to systems and data from the physical entities, digital twins enable stakeholders to better understand, analyze, and optimize their assets throughout their lifecycle.


POWERBIM is a DigitalTwin Platform that links digital models of buildings and infrastructures with static and dynamic databases to manage the life cycle of the assets, from the design and construction phase to the use and operations phase, avoiding the loss of information throughout the process, monitoring, simulating results and improving the behavior of the assets in as many aspects as the asset or infrastructure has data.

We have created POWERBIM to monitor energy, sustainability, construction and Facility management indicators to be improved, in order to obtain Smart buildings integrated to Smart Cities, more efficient and more sustainable.

Key Benefits of Digital Twins for Asset Management


Starting from a first pilot project, POWERBIM is able to reuse and let scale the integrations and data analytics dashboards to multiple assets with the same structure. Multiple Assets will be accesible in a GIS environment with urban data from the Smart City.


POWERBIM automates data analytics dashboards interactively connected to components and spaces in BIM models. Data is coming multiple sources at the same time combined to BIM structure. This way users will be able to create their use cases based in project needs.


Starting from a BIM cloud environment any asset can be converted to smart one thanks to multiple building management and operation systems integrated (BMS / EMS / CMMS / IoT...) just in one platform easy to use.


DigitalTwins differs from other systems by the intelligence, this is provided in POWERBIM thanks to data analytics integration and simulations that can be performed from data injected. Take control of your KPIs for Construction, Asset Management, Energy or other systems at the same time.

For Designers

One of the key benefits of using a digital twin platform is the ability to generate more accurate financial forecasts. In the design stage, architects and engineers can use digital twins to analyze different design options and assess their impact on construction costs and project timelines. This can help identify potential cost savings and improve project planning.

For Construction

In the construction stage, digital twins can be used to monitor the progress of construction work and identify potential risks and delays. This can help construction companies improve their project management and avoid costly overruns.

For Building Operations

In the building operation stage, digital twins can be used by asset management companies to monitor the performance of their assets and identify opportunities for cost savings. For example, digital twins can be used to optimize building operations, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, to reduce energy consumption and improve sustainability.

For Energy and Sustainability

DigitalTwins can also be used by energy and sustainability specialists to assess the energy performance of buildings and infrastructures and identify opportunities for improvement. This can help organizations reduce their carbon footprint and meet regulatory requirements, such as energy efficiency standards.

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